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Festina brand is a leading manufacturer of watches since 1922, thanks to the high quality of the materials and movements, but also thanks to a recognizable design and refined.

Festina watches catalog is divided into two branches: Watches vintage flavor, elegant and refined, with clean and legible dials, leather straps or steel for a classic style, or sport Watches,chronograph and multifunction, for those who love the outdoors and exercise, in fact Festina isthe official sponsor of the Tour de France and many other sporting events. The most innovative collection for the materials used is that of watches in ceramic, where you see the attention to detail and design, with the use of a wear-resistant material, which makes these watches real jewels. For those who suffer from allergies, Festina has designed a line of watches in titanium ,practical and light, not to remove anyone the pleasure of having a Festina watch!

Watches Festina