General Manager

He oversees the development and technical management of the web sector. Innovative and experimenter, he faces the challenges with enthusiasm, that's why he is the engine of the Gioiapura Team.

Responsible human resources

Responsible for human resources and development of all the shops. Involving, professional and attentive in the care of personal relationships, she is the soul of the GioiaPura Team.

Operation Manager

Andrea transversally follows the operational management of all departments, from marketing to logistics, from customer service to purchasing. Curious and sunny, Andrea's obsession is to make everything work in the best way.

Administrative Manager

She manages the general accounting of the company, and directly manages relations with banks and institutions. Precise and efficient, she is a fundamental element in Gioiapura's direction.

Francesca Z.
Administrative employee

Her radiance and precision make her an indispensable aid for the administrative department of GioiaPura. Careful and scrupulous, she is perfect to complete one of the most delicate areas of the company.

Administrative employee

She supports the girls in the administration in a careful and precise way, helping them manage the large daily work of the department. Always available and positive, she makes everything easier for her colleagues, becoming an important figure of great support.

Francesca N.
Head of Marketing

She deals with the implementation of communication and digital marketing strategies. She takes care of the entire editorial plan and coordinates a young and competent staff to be able to give GioiaPura the perfect image, making it become a leader in the sector day after day.


Francesca C.
Digital Marketing

Francesca follows everything related to the GioiaPura Magazine, from the writing of the articles to the calendar for their publication. She supports the Marketing team in planning editorial plans for newsletters and social media, also taking care of the copy. Always smiling and helpful, she loves challenges and always finding creative solutions.


Digital Marketing

Precise, punctual and smiling, Rachele deals in particular with email marketing and marketing automation. She is always ready to embark on new adventures and to propose excellent solutions to create content that can reach the people concerned with the right message at the right time.


Catalog management

Laura takes care of the management of online products with care and precision. She is a real help for the whole GioiaPura team.


Digital Marketing

He juggles the many contents of GioiaPura with great familiarity, defining them and analyzing their effectiveness to obtain maximum results. Careful and determined, he is a great support to the entire marketing department.


Graphic Designer

She is the creative soul of GioiaPura, with her skill and precision she takes care of the realization of everything that requires graphic intervention. From banners on the website, to the flyers of our stores, to the newsletter, every project becomes reality thanks to its competence.


Graphic Designer Junior

Federica joined the team to support our graphic designer and, always very attentive and helpful, in a short time she learned everything there is to know to become an important element of the GioiaPura graphic department. Responsible and fast, she gives the marketing team her perfect creativity!



Precise and smiling, she is always looking for the perfect shot to make the most of the accessories in our catalog. Camilla creates product images, still life and wear photos with particular attention to detail. Her goal is to make all GioiaPura customers grasp every single detail of the accessory they are buying.


Maria Teresa
Purchasing Manager

Attentive to the latest news released on the market, she deals with the management of web orders and sales outlets. Cheerful and sunny, she is the jolly of GioiaPura, as she is able to perform every task always with a smile.


An indispensable help for our purchasing manager. Always sunny and cheerful, Jennifer supplies our extensive catalog ordering products for our customers. Her precise knowledge of the product allows her to be always impeccable with orders.

Customer Service Manager

She coordinates and manages GioiaPura Customer Care, with the aim of always responding excellently to all our customers requests. Elisa, with her experience and her joy, is one of the spearheads of our team.


Customer Service

Helpful and friendly, she takes care of customers in the Customer Service. With her joyfulness she is able to meet all customers needs.


Customer Service

New entry in the GioiaPura staff within the Customer Service team, Eleonora is very kind, precise, methodical and scrupulous. Her enthusiasm leads her day after day to immediately get involved in facing every challenge, never backing down.


Shipping and Logistics Department Manager

When he joined our team he brought a breath of joy and desire to learn. Accurate and friendly, he supervises the shipping process and the loading of the warehouse goods without neglecting any detail.


Logistics Department

Her deep knowledge of all our products allow her to manage our warehouse with care and success, managing to find each item quickly and precisely. She is also a very valuable aid to the logistics department, where she takes care of the packaging of the orders with passion.

Logistics Department

He is a concrete help in managing the logistics department. He accurately takes care of the process of both order preparation and shipping. He also offers his help regarding the loading of goods in the warehouse.


Logistics Department

With her radiance and sympathy she brought a breath of joy in the shipping department. Day after day she has become an indispensable aid for its department, taking care of the entire shipping process, from warehouse loading to checking the goods.



Sales point manager

Competent and precise, she manages after-sales assistance, but she is also the creative of the team, in fact, she is the artistic touch of our exhibitions.

Retail Assistant

Excellent personal Shopper, she can recommend the right jewel for every occasion, accompanying the customer with care and attention in his shopping experience. Its strenght is the desire to continue learning.


Retail Assistant

Cheerful and friendly, he helps even the most demanding customers in a perfect purchase. It is part of the indispensable personal shoppers of the Gioiapura team.

Retail Assistant

With her smile, she is an indispensable help for those who are looking for a unique purchase for themselves or for someone special. Precise and sunny, she is very competent and will be able to provide all the necessary information to find the perfect watch or jewel.


Retail Assistant

Competent and always sunny, she puts her great experience at the disposal of anyone who enters the store to satisfy any type of request. She loves listening to customers' needs and then suggesting a gift for herself or a special person that is always a success.



Sales point manager

One of the spearheads of our team, she can advise the customer on the latest trends and the perfect gift for special occasions with her experience and expertise.

Retail Assistant

Experience, professionalism and precision make her a very careful personal shopper to identify the tastes and preferences of customers and then propose the best jewelery, watches and accessories solutions that are perfect for their needs.

Retail Assistant

Always available and cheerful, she is ready to give everyone who enters the store a truly special shopping experience. Her knowledge of the products allows her to always suggest what coincides perfectly with the wishes of those who enter our store.


Monica D.
Sales point manager

Trends and innovations are her strenght, in fact she knows how to offer each customer the right item to satisfy every need. Expert and cheerful, she will be your trusted personal shopper.

Retail Assistant

Cheerful and always available, she knows very well the products and the latest trends and is completely dedicated to customers to give them unique shopping experiences that satisfy them from the exact moment they enter the store until they find the accessory of theirs. dreams, to be cuddled or to give to those they love.


Monica S.
Sales point manager

Nice, friendly and helpful. Precise and punctual, it is an indispensable help for all the staff and especially for our customers.

Retail Assistant

Careful and precise in satisfying the desires of the most demanding customers, she manages to offer the perfect jewels, watches and accessories for every occasion. Her constant desire to keep updating makes her always attentive to the latest news that she can't wait to recommend.

Retail Assistant

She welcomes everyone with a smile and is ready to offer the best advice to ensure the full satisfaction of anyone who is looking for the accessory of her wishes, for themselves or for a special person. She loves her job and knows how to put everyone at ease.



Our values are the basis of our work and the quality of our service. Our entire growth path is based on them. You are in the heart of GioiaPura!



I GioiaPura's collaborators are a very close-knit and united team, a fundamental feature to be able to satisfy all customers and improve every day.


GioiaPura is always careful to put itself in the customers' shoes in order to find the best solution. We listen to you to find the perfect gift or to resolve any request.


GioiaPura is a guarantee of design and technology. It is essential for GioiaPura to always offer all the news that brands offer every season, giving customers a unique experience!



The common denominator for successful growth is willpower. This strength is a fundamental and essential value that characterizes us. We are obstinate in making you happy!


Attention to the customer is the heart of all our activities. The relationship between the staff and our customers is what makes us happy every day. This is our goal: to enhance our commitment to guarantee the level of service you expect!


Thanks to Verified Reviews, each customer can write a judgment on his shopping experience, visible to anyone browsing the site, in order to guarantee maximum transparency and to improve and grow thanks to you!