Gioiapura can help you find the suitable gift for a boy or girl confirmation because we know how hard may be the search for the perfect gift.

Gioiapura has selected for you a list of items that are perfect as confirmation gifts!

The items that we offer cover a whole range of different prices, from souvenirs to expensive gifts, it all depends on everyone’s budget; however, we always try to satisfy all our customers. You will find top brand watches and jewels both for him and for her for an exciting confirmation!

All items are discounted, and if available, they will be delivered within 24 hours from your order! Moreover, our UPS courier guarantees professionality and safety, so that your Confirmation gift will be delivered intact and in time!

Gioiapura offers discounts and quick delivery to its customers!

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Brows our items and find your perfect confirmation gift!


Too Late - USB Memory

Multicolored silicon USB drives to keep and always take with you your summer pictures, your favorite films and any daily information. One very useful confirmation gift!


Nomination - Composable

The bracelet that reveals who you are. An original gift idea for a confirmation. With our composables you can tell about you and celebrate the most beautiful moments of your life because you are the only one who is able to create it through your creativity.


Nomination - Butterfly

Let yourself be surrounded by butterflies that represent poetry and romanticism. A perfect gift for anyone who loves nature and life in all its expressions and enjoys showing his sensitive and imaginary soul.


Ops Objects - Bracelets

Here you have the chance to surprise your guest of honor by showing off the silicon heart of Ops bracelet! A lively gift that will astonish your confirmed friend with his favorite color.


Comete - Blister Diamond

One breathtaking confirmation gift. One little and precious souvenir you can give over to your guest of honor. A diamond whose pure and astonishing light will reflect your emotion.


Adidas - Watches

Adidas watch is available for boys and girls as well as in a unisex design. A colored and amusing gift for a confirmation in the pursuit of youth and sport.


Lorus - Watches

Lorus, a name that belongs to the famous brand SEIKO, offers different types of watches, always trendy ones. They are perfect to satisfy any need in terms of gifts, as they range from the sporty to the classical.


Calypso - Watches

Calypso offers perfect watches both for him and her that can be worn in any occasion. You can choose the style, whether sporty, trendy or classical, that sounds the best for an ideal confirmation gift.