Din Don, Morellato ring the bells



Din Don collection is composed of bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces with colored bells. There is no denying,for his jewels Morellato has always new ideas with fun themes. Now, besides the collection Drops and Colibrì Collection by Jade Jagger, the famous brand is also launching the collection Morellato Din Don, the new idea that intends to become bearer of good fortune maybe accompanying us in the evenings more exciting. The lines of these precious jewels are classic but at the same time enriched with bright stonesand colored by the bell, tasty and original element that will adapt to women who dress in good taste and elegant style.

Morellato Din Don Jewels : it's time to a music light and colors!




Liu Jo - Collections spring summer 2012



Liu Jo luxury has presented Liu Jo watches collection spring summer 2012 (together with the jewelry collection) at Vicenzaoro Winter, with prices ranging from 89 Euro for the Jolì line (made by small watches with rubber strap) to reach even above 200 Euro for the more expensive models. The new Color Time is full of color choices to which it is hard to resist. Baguette lineis characterized by leather strap, The shiny metal buckle stamped with the brand, The dial is luminous and the hours in the quarter have a larger diamond, available in many colours including the purple, ithe strawberry, the blue. Fluo line is modern, youthful, with many color choices that follow the current trends, such as yellow, orange, light blue or, why not, the fuchsia. Safari has a line of impact, as the clock spotted, almost a pet accessory worn on the wrist (with the fantasy not only on the dial and bezel, but also on the strap and thickness of the case). Not to mention the highly refined Windsurf and the Miami. Liu Jo Luxury watchs spring summer 2012 strikes again!