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Meanings Tres Jolie - Brosway

Many small ways to play with your look, to customize their own style combining items each time in a different way. A habit to wear which combines the sophistication of Brosway to the freedom to create and surprise.

Discover also the meanings of the collection Tres Jolie Mini!


Purezza Tres Jolie
Purity steel and white crystals
Forza Tres Jolie
Force steel and black crystals
Bellezza Tres Jolie
Beauty steel and aquamarine crystals
Energia Tres Jolie
Energy steel and blue ontana crystals
Sincerità Tres Jolie
Sincerity steel and tanzanite crystals
Sintonia Tres Jolie
Tuning steel and sapphire crystals
Mistero Tres Jolie
Mystery steel and amethyst crystals
Desiderio Tres Jolie
Desire steel and violet crystals
Determinazione Tres Jolie
Determination steel and grey crystals
Grinta Tres Jolie
Grit steel and metal crystals
Fortuna Tres Jolie
Luck steel pvd gold and emerald crystals
Trasgressione Tres Jolie
Transgression steel and red crystals
Fantasia Tres Jolie
Fantasy steel pvd gold and white crystals
Ricchezza Tres Jolie
Wealth steel pvd rose gold and black crystals
Intuizione Tres Jolie
Intuition steel pvd rose gold and amethyst clear crystals
Coraggio Tres Jolie
Bravery steel pvd rose gold and white crystals
Essenza Tres Jolie
Essence steel
Capriccio Tres Jolie
Whim steel and rose gold pvd
Amore Tres Jolie
Love steel engraving
Passione Tres Jolie
Passion steel with pvd pink gold and incision
Ragione Tres Jolie
Reason steel with relief
Istinto Tres Jolie
Instinct steel with gold pvd and relief
Ragione Tres Jolie
Charme steel and provence lavender crystals
Ragione Tres Jolie
Hope steel and green crystals
Bontà Tres Jolie
Goodness steel with pearl cream
Creatività Tres Jolie
Creativeness steel with pearl night blue
Armonia Tres Jolie
Harmony steel with pvd rose gold and pink pearl
Carisma Tres Jolie
Charisma steel pvd gold and green pearl
Raffinatezza Tres Jolie
Refinement steel pvd gold and tanzanite crystals
Serenità Tres Jolie
Serenety steel pvd gold and aquamarine crystals
Prestigio Tres Jolie
Prestige steel pvd gold and white crystals
Ambizione Tres Jolie
Ambition steel and silver night crystals

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